senior stylist

Born in the 80s and raised in Los Angeles, Zoe’s artistic background consists of piano and ballet. Her passion for hair came about in her late twenties. After graduating from Vidal Sassoon in Santa Monica, she started training extensively in high-end salons of Beverly Hills before coming to Hairroin Salon. Her specialties are (but not limited to) dimensional lived-in blondes, textured haircuts, and effortless styles. Her style and artistry is strongly influenced by the 80s era, along with her performing arts background and a fine touch of grunge-esthetics. She stays inspired by dedicating herself to advanced education outside of the salon to refine her skills and stay on top of the trends.

Fave products: Oribe Thick Dry Finishing Spray/ BB Surf Foam Spray/ BB Sea Salt Spray/ BB Curl Line/ Davines products

Recent project: Creative Director for “EXURO” photoshoot 

Charity Work: Carnival of Love Skid Row Annual Festival for The Homeless

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