A master balayage-color and extension-styling expert, Rio's detailed approach to balayage is inspired by watching the surfers hair brighten in the sun. She studied where and how the sun hit the hair and recreated that with her work. Rio has an expert eye for determining which color will best enhance each clients skin tone and eye color. Her aesthetic is best described as effortlessly chic, natural, and sexy. In being a balayage specialist, Rio has been able to precisely color match extensions to look absolutely seamless. Her take on extension placement creates a beautiful natural multi-dimensional look, making you feel instantly ready to take on the world.

Rios respected 10 year career includes London, New York, Beverly Hills, and Hollywood's Premiere Salons (i.e., Andy Lecompte, Benjamin Salon, Marie Robinson, Alma Salon, and Hairroin Salon). Rio is one of the most sought out balayage and extensions specialist in Los Angeles and New York. Her belief is that every client takes a piece of you with them, so she meticulously and consistently produces beautiful custom looks for each client.

See what Rio is creating in salon @riosarazhair