Fun Facts:

-Born and raised in Venice, CA

-My other job is at Jeffree Star Cosmetics



-I have two sphynx cats named Dobby and Draco




My whole life, I have loved everything about giving people makeovers. From the artistic process of actually performing the service, to the rewarding feeling of enhancing my client's features to help them feel more beautiful. I knew from a young age that I belonged in the realm of Cosmetology, so when I graduated high school I enrolled in the program at SMC. It was there that I met new friends that taught me about makeup and soon I became completely obsessed. I wanted a way to get creative and learn something new, and also explore tattooing which is another industry I've always had an interest in. Cosmetic tattooing was the perfect next step for my career! I've been microblading for over a year now and have become so passionate about this craft. I want to learn everything I possibly can to keep improving my skills. I'm currently certified in both the Microblading and Combo Brow techniques and can't wait to expand to more services! Lip blush will be next!


see what kimberly is creating in salon @Kimberlynnbrows


Brows 1st Session: $400

Touch-Up: $150

Touch-Up (9-12 months): $200

Touch-Up (1-2 years): $250

Touch-Up (After 2 years): 1st session price