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Small tattoo (1 hour)- $100-180 ($100 deposit)
Medium tattoo (3 hours)-$180-$450 ($100 deposit)
Large tattoo (5 hours)- $800 ($300 deposit)

tattoo artist

A Los Angeles native, Autumn has been creating beautiful things her whole life. Encouraged by her family to explore her creativity, she’s worked in art, makeup, film, theatre, dance, music, and body art. After years of private lessons and art school, she decided to live her dream of becoming a tattoo artist in 2011. Inspired by her fine art background, she has a knack for creating sassy pinups, lovely florals, and quirky new school style tattoos. Autumn does custom tattoos, as well as flash brought in by clients or found in the shop’s flash book.

See what Autumn is creating inside hairroin parlour @thepaintedladyla