Hey Coachella! We miss you!
By Hairroin LA’s Angela + Miriam

Miriam and I (Angela) teamed up with Joico and headed out to the desert this past weekend for some exciting Coachella kick-off festivities. We held a braid booth at the Bisous Magazine Party (#BisousPamperLounge) and the Revolve Clothing Party (#revolvefestival) over the first Coachella weekend styling some fabulous ladies and gentlemen, from models, fashion bloggers, to all around style/beauty influencers.

It was so much fun creating festival hairstyles using Joico’s Instatint, their new temporary hair color sprays. They come in five vibrant shades- Sapphire Blue, Mermaid Blue, Orchid, Pink, and Fiery Coral. It gave the perfect finishing touch-just a pop of color, to the looks we created.

So how to use Instatint? Simply spray it on your curls, braids, any style you want to wear. You can create a highlighted effect or mix up some colors and create your own gradient. You can also intensify the lightness/vibrancy as you layer on each spray.  And the best thing about them? Rinses out in one wash!