Festival season is upon us! Here are a handful of easy step by step tutorials given by Hairroin Salon LA + NY Directors Sarah Merrie and Janine Jarman


+ Section recession to recession sectioning the entire top of head out

+ Split the top of head section in to 3 parts… the middle one being the largest

+ 3 strand braid the middle section crossing strands under to make a popped ridge holding tight to scalp with no elevation. Continue braids through ends of hair . Same on the 2 out side sections. Secure each with a small rubber band.

+ Tie all 3 braided ends in continued chain knots till there is no more length. Secure on top of head

+ Slightly wrap curl rest of the hair

+ Spray ends of hair with Joico’s Instatint in Fiery Coral

+ Spray Fiery Coral in a color bowl and paint on with a small brush to the braids on the top of the head


+ Create a Middle Part and section front of ear diagonal up to crown on each side

+ 3 strand French braid left and right section holding tight to scalp then finishing braid thru ends. Secure with a small elastic. Repeat on other side

+ Tie the braid into a knot on itself till you run out of hair. Pin in place on top of the end of the scalp braid.

+ Fan out the ends of hair for added texture

+ Spray Joico’s Instatint Pink on ends and in the braids. Lay in bits of Fiery Coral for added dimension