Pre-Coachella Festivities with Joico

Hey Coachella! We miss you!
By Hairroin LA’s Angela + Miriam

Miriam and I (Angela) teamed up with Joico and headed out to the desert this past weekend for some exciting Coachella kick-off festivities. We held a braid booth at the Bisous Magazine Party (#BisousPamperLounge) and the Revolve Clothing Party (#revolvefestival) over the first Coachella weekend styling some fabulous ladies and gentlemen, from models, fashion bloggers, to all around style/beauty influencers.

It was so much fun creating festival hairstyles using Joico’s Instatint, their new temporary hair color sprays. They come in five vibrant shades- Sapphire Blue, Mermaid Blue, Orchid, Pink, and Fiery Coral. It gave the perfect finishing touch-just a pop of color, to the looks we created.

So how to use Instatint? Simply spray it on your curls, braids, any style you want to wear. You can create a highlighted effect or mix up some colors and create your own gradient. You can also intensify the lightness/vibrancy as you layer on each spray.  And the best thing about them? Rinses out in one wash!

New R+Co Product Releases!

Introducing R+Co’s New Products

By Hairroin LA’s Crystal Betke

R + Co has 4 new products and I can’t tell you how excited I am about them! I will be breaking them down for you here. All formulated without parabens and sulfates, vegan, cruelty and gluten free. 

1. Oblivion Clarifying Shampoo

This product is a product that everyone should have in their shower. It is a color safe clarifying shampoo so you don’t have to worry about it stripping your color and it’s gentle enough to use multiple times throughout the week if you shampoo often. Why should you be using a clarifying shampoo? Well, there are a lot of benefits with using a clarifying shampoo. Does you color seem dull? You probably have to much of a build up of products or it could be the minerals in the water building up. Do you swim in a pool or go in the ocean? If you do, you should always clarify after to pull out the chemicals and salt, that will help from drying your hair out. Last but not least, you should clarify your hair before you get you color done. Your color will come out better/truer and last longer.

2. Oblivion Restorative Gel Conditioner

This conditioner is something you should pair with Oblivion Clarifying Shampoo. It will hydrate and replenish hair  leaving it looking naturally lustrous and feeling soft. The benefit of it being gel based is that it makes it weightless. This conditioner can be paired with any other shampoo in the line but works best with Oblivion Clarifying Shampoo.




3. Pinstripe Intense Detangling Spray

Unlike One Prep Spray where it’s made to disappears in your hair, Pinstripe will act more like a lightweight leave-in conditioner. It adds shine and hydrates even the most unmanageable hair. Using this after the shower to brush out your hair will change your life and save your hair from breakage.




4. Twister Curl Primer

This is exactly what it sounds like, a primer for curly hair! Why do you need a primer for curly hair? Since curly hair is well, curly, that means the individual hair is not smooth and can have little holes in the hair shaft where it bends. Think of this as how makeup primer works. It will fill in all the little hiccups in your hair leaving it even. A great foundation before putting any other product on top of it. It’s lightweight and adds moisture to help define the curl with no crunch. Apply to damp hair and comb through the to make sure there is even distribution.


Now available at Hairroin

Hollywood + New York City

Festival Hair

Festival season is upon us! Here are a handful of easy step by step tutorials given by Hairroin Salon LA + NY Directors Sarah Merrie and Janine Jarman


+ Section recession to recession sectioning the entire top of head out

+ Split the top of head section in to 3 parts… the middle one being the largest

+ 3 strand braid the middle section crossing strands under to make a popped ridge holding tight to scalp with no elevation. Continue braids through ends of hair . Same on the 2 out side sections. Secure each with a small rubber band.

+ Tie all 3 braided ends in continued chain knots till there is no more length. Secure on top of head

+ Slightly wrap curl rest of the hair

+ Spray ends of hair with Joico’s Instatint in Fiery Coral

+ Spray Fiery Coral in a color bowl and paint on with a small brush to the braids on the top of the head


+ Create a Middle Part and section front of ear diagonal up to crown on each side

+ 3 strand French braid left and right section holding tight to scalp then finishing braid thru ends. Secure with a small elastic. Repeat on other side

+ Tie the braid into a knot on itself till you run out of hair. Pin in place on top of the end of the scalp braid.

+ Fan out the ends of hair for added texture

+ Spray Joico’s Instatint Pink on ends and in the braids. Lay in bits of Fiery Coral for added dimension